About Us

Many construction companies put a vast majority of their focus on productivity and the efficiency of their crews. And while it is understandable for a company to prioritize how quickly and productively they can get work done, because that is what makes them money and helps land them new clients, it is also important for them to take the safety of their workers seriously. And it is the reason why we started our construction safety site, as a means to provide tips to both workers and employees about the safety standards in various states regarding construction workers on the job.

Being safe when working construction is something that you simply cannot overstate. It is the most important thing any construction worker has to take into account, especially if they want to have a long and successful career in the industry. There are far too many stories about workers who end up quitting after one or two jobs because they suffer a serious injury and are physically incapable of doing the work anymore. But we do not want anyone else to suffer those experiences, which is why we are happy to put up various tips and blogs and articles about construction site safety.

Now you may be wondering why we are proclaiming ourselves as an authority on construction safety. In truth, the group of people who came together to create this site have a lot of experience in the construction industry. Many of us have worked construction for more than a decade, while a couple of contributors have experience with safety training, and they can bring a different perspective to our articles and guides. And we always welcome contributions from our readers, because we believe they can provide valuable information to their fellow construction workers, contractors and hiring companies. Together we can ensure that the safety of workers is always a major priority in the construction industry.