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Installing a Stairway Gate at Home

What are stairway gates and why are they useful? These are questions many home and apartment owners ask when they are told about a stairway gate for the first time. If you have never heard of these gates, do not worry, because you are not alone. You would be surprised at how many people have no idea what these gates can do, because they have never seen them in action. Or they have seen them, but they did not know they were called stairway gates. In either case, we can explain the stairway gate in more detail.lock

A stairway gate is something you put at the top and bottom of the staircases on your property, because you do not want anyone to get on the stairs unless you are able to assist them. These gates are really useful if you have kids in the house, because you may not want them going up and down the stairs without a helping hand. You may also want the stairway gate if you have an elderly person living in the home, especially if they have memory issues or get confused on occasion. An elderly individual is equally prone to having an accident on the stairs as compared to young children, especially if your staircase is really steep or hard to climb.

But how do these stairway gates help? It is pretty simple. When the gate is closed, someone is going to have to jump over the gate as if it is a hurdle. And if you have a small child, they simply will not have the size or strength to manage it. And even if your elderly relative is having a moment where they do not realize that they need help getting up or down the stairs, they are most certainly not going to try and jump over a hurdle in their current condition! The gate will probably make them realize they need to call you for help if they want to go up or down the stairs.

closedGate Installation in San Diego

Now that we have gone over stairway gates and their usefulness, we can talk about the installation process. If you are a self-sufficient person and you enjoy undertaking home projects, you may want to buy the Kidco stairway gate installation kit in San Diego. The kit is very inexpensive and it is extremely easy to put together. All the parts you need are included in the packaging and the instructions make the necessary steps very clear. You can even watch a YouTube video of someone installing the gate through the kit if you need a little more assistance.

But we also know that not everyone is an expert at installing things by themselves. If you need a little help with your stairway gate installation kit in San Diego, or you are looking to have a custom stairway gate built, you can consult with a gate installation company. Most of these companies do business installing exterior gates at homes and commercial properties, but they are also happy to help with interior gates.

They will come to your home, assess the areas where you want a stairway gate built, and they can see if any models they have on hand would fit in your space. If they do, they can complete the installation within the same day. If you need a custom stairway gate built, it may take them a few days to get the job done. But in both situations, you should have your stairway gate built and installed in a safe way. The person who completes the installation can also help show you how to lock and unlock the gate for safe use.