Safety Tips for Construction Sites

There are many reasons why a construction worker has to keep his or her eyes open, and their mind alert, when they are on the job. Construction is not one of those professions where you can “take it easy” and try to operate on autopilot. You have to retain your focus all the time, because you can never know when something is going to fall off or come hurtling towards you and do serious damage when it makes contact. And we are not exaggerating the issue either, because the number of accidents that occur on construction sites around the United States is still far too high. But here are a few tips that can help you stay safe at your first construction job:

  1. Getting on and off Equipment Properly

It may sound like the easiest part of the job, but sometimes when you are climbing onto or off a piece of heavy machinery, you are running the risk of getting yourself hurt. Amazingly, the number one cause of injury for individuals who operate equipment, forklifts and trucks is getting on and off the machines. If you ask any driver or operator, they will probably tell you a funny story about how they embarrassingly fell and hurt themselves during the first few days of their job. So make sure you read up on how to get on and off these machines, and watch carefully as someone with experience does it.

  1. Crowds

If someone is operating a piece of machinery, there is no reason for ten other people to surround them. While you may want to see how the work is being done, especially on your first few days, you are perfectly capable of watching the action from a safe distance. Not only are you going to potentially fluster the person working if you are crowding, but everyone is being put at risk in case the machine slips out of their hand or they make an accidental move while driving a truck or forklift.